15 September 2008


We did all of the many things on our agenda for the weekend without so much as a hitch. There was rugby, there was bar hopping, there was Thai food, there was the Renaissance Festival and there was a souffle...

Here are a couple pictures from the weekend. The Furies/NOVA game was slightly disappointing given that the ref overruled the touch judges who were in agreement that a conversion kick against us was good. There was also some discussion about his judgment about whether a scrum had wheeled all the way or not. Bottom line - the ref might have been too short to be effective.

My mom took the train down in the morning and a group of us headed over to the Renaissance Festival up in Crownville, MD. It's not too too far away, and it's actually a pretty neat set up. The structures are all permanent, and are really only used over the festival time, which is end of summer to beginning of fall. I'm pretty sure that we chose the hottest day of the year to go - we were all dripping with sweat. It's terrible to say, but I think making fun of some of the people there was the best part. These people are so damn serious about their costumes. It's a bit alarming. We did have fun watching music and eating disgusting fried food and shooting spit balls:

I made a delicious and successful Cheese Souffle last night! I was exhausted when Ireturned from all of my errands and running around and driving up to Baltimore. Despite that, I followed almost all of the directions and came out with a lovely dinner!

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borntoride said...

that cheese souffle looks yummy!! is it stinky?

you've got to stop discriminating against midgets....