24 September 2008


Growing up in Lynchburg, it was a given that by September 15th the temperature would have changed to something more pleasant and less humid. The same was pretty much true in the DC area. I wasn't sure what to expect last year when I moved down at the beginning of September, but I was pleased to find out that even last year in the midst of a drought, fall descended by the end of September.

This year, the week of September 15th was hot and humid with temperatures in the 80s, but only 5 days later...fall had come.

At the beginning of the week, I was scrambling to find things that were a little less summer, a little bit warmer and a little bit more fall.

This morning, I hit the pavement decked out in knee high boots, a corduroy skirt and a long sleeved button down. I feel pretty stylish, and I think those who know me will be amazed that I was able to put together an outfit that is feminine - AND very fall-ish.

Glad I have a cute outfit today, cuz the rest of my day hasn't been so great.


borntoride said...

You look so cute! That is a great color on you :)

Jadielady said...

Very cute and very professional!
I have horrible luck with button down shirts :(
Today was chillier in the Burg but we're supposed to get warm again next week.

nancy said...

you look so pretty!