09 September 2008

Early Morning Baking

My search for the perfect banana bread continues. I will leave no recipe unturned, no optional ingredient untried.

Ok, ok. I wasn't searching. I just pulled out one of the last non-chocolatey banana bread recipes I used: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Banana-Banana-Bread/Detail.aspx

I promised to bring banana bread to our staff meeting today. I forgot about baking it until after midnight. I got up a little early this morning to whip this up.

Looks pretty tasty, huh? It was. It is great - and a little bit less dense than the last time I made it. I tried hard not to over stir.

Even at 6:45 in the morning, it was too humid to be baking. 350 degrees is pretty warm, especially when there's no real respite from the moisture in the air. Two weeks ago, we had some lovely autumn feeling mornings with little humidity and a crispness to the air, but those are long gone, and Hanna's humidity is back in full force. I do enjoy living here in NC, but I would REALLY enjoy it if I could turn off the humidity.

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