03 September 2008

Ever-expanding girl, seeks clothing that fit

Between tricorn hats and roller coasters, I managed to get in a bike ride, eat WAY too much, eat WAY too unhealthily and spend WAY too much money.

As ridiculous as it seems, I bought myself a new suit this weekend. I probably shouldn't have, but I did. As my friends know, I have many, many suits...most of which do not fit. I'm finally coming to terms with my body (and working hard to get rid of 10 things a week, in an effort to *destash* my life). While I'd like to lose a few pounds, I think I'm settling into my adult body, which happens to have a larger rear end than I'd like. So, out with the old, in with the new. Those suits I got in 2002 are going to be taken to Goodwill, and a brand new, ridiculously cute one will be entered into the record.

And after a month of being without my beloved sunglasses, which were lost in the ocean, by my own stupid self... I have a replacement pair. They're great.

Sadly, this didn't quite help the balance of my credit card. My budget seems to have gone out the window in the last month. I'm back on track now. All my bills are paid. I'm focusing on budgeting, and eating cheaply, and being thrifty!


Bronwen said...

I lost favorite sunglasses in the ocean once too. It's so frustrating!

eje said...
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eje said...

you should return the suit and sunglasses.

paying off your debt is so much more important.