06 September 2008

Hanna's Effects

In the last 24 hours, the effects of Hanna have created a lovely stream behind my apartment in a place where no stream has ever existed. The rain poured down all night, with it's heaviest between 5am and 9am. The old and poorly maintained gutters didn't have a chance. Here we are just around noon and alredy it hardly looks like we received more than a normal rainstorm. She's traveling up the coast on her way to wreak havoc on DC, PA and NY... She's left us with a gray day and the promise of a sunny day tomorrow.

In the meantime, my mom is visiting and we've been honing our Wii Sports skills. She's very good at bowling...her tennis skills leave much to be desired though. And we both are equally and unpredictably bad at Wii baseball.

I think we're going to have some leftover Indian food for lunch before we hit the town returning a few items to the mall and returning a part of my birthday present from the redhead to Target... Then, my mom has promised me a GPS for my birthday. We may venture to the TigerDirect store here in Durham, if I decide on one that they have in stock. Yay for fun gifties!

It's a pity that I don't have any upcoming international travel slated - I got a lovely passport cover that I just know would turn those custom's officer's green with envy. Once I get out of debt and head to Morocco, I'll get to put that to good use.

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