10 September 2008

Let the Thinking Begin.

I had a couple good long discussions last night and this morning about my future.

I've changed my mind about the MBA/MPA. I had been thinking about it for a while, although I only blogged about it last night. I guess it takes a lot of conversation, soul-searching and salary discussions to figure this sort of thing out.

To me, the intersection of the two degrees seemed like a great idea for someone interested in government and small business consulting. Initially, I did a little bit of research into what sort of degrees people who did organizational and strategic planning had - many had MBAs, some had MPAs and some had combined degrees.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized that an MPA would be really helpful while dealing with the federal government. Sadly, the federal government is not everywhere. They are largely in the DC area - I definitely don't want to be centered in the DC area forever. I know a number of organizational development consultants in the DC area. They all like their jobs, they make decent money, but the median salary for entering that field isn't so high. Twice the money for the degree and twice the time...and a salary that is comparable to what I am making now...

After more thinking, a couple of pro/con lists and lengthy conversations with my mom and Jiff, I started formulating some solid, non-gelatinous thoughts: since I've always been interested in business and I've always contemplated getting an MBA, it makes the most sense for me to start preparing to take the GMAT (not the GRE) and think more seriously about specializations within an MBA program.

So, while taking the GRE might be interesting, taking the GMAT would be useful. I'm much more likely to seek an MBA. Regardless of what I want to do (maybe stay in the fundraising arena, but more likely escape it), an MBA will help me to add value - and I'm all about adding value to myself. :) I am interested in the theory and practice of business management. It has the potential to help me take my career to the next level and to help me break into some different sectors which might be difficult for me to get into.

I'm realistic at this point. I don't have a stellar GPA from college, but I have a good and diverse set of experiences working. With the downturn in the economy, I know that there will be and has been a surge in people leaving the workforce to seek advanced degrees. I may not be hugely competitive right now, but if the economy perks up a little bit, and I do well on the GMAT and I write a kick-ass personal statement, I'm sure that I can be competitive then...in 2009, when I apply.


nancy said...

yeah! i know you'll get in to just the right program when the time comes.

borntoride said...

and if you ever did decide you wanna go back and get the MPA, I bet a lot of schools will accept the GMAT in lieu of the GRE.. :) happy studying in the future!