11 September 2008

The Losing Game

When I moved to Durham, I ended up joining a gym off campus that is, now inconvenient to my apartment. I find it difficult to find the time to go during work, it's ridiculously crowded right after work and a bit too far to go once I've gotten home and settled in for the evening. Today, through the wonders of Duke's online system, I signed up for a new (and cheaper) gym. It's one of the gyms on campus. It's walking distance to my office, and my coworker and I have a goal: look better by the end of October.

Now, I look pretty good to begin with, but at the end of October, I'll be heading to my hometown for my high school reunion. My good friend Amy had a very good point when I was trying to determine if I was going to attend or not. She said, "High school reunion won't happen [again] until 2018. You're still skinny & attractive, and who knows what you'll look like at 38." Well played, Amy. It was enough to convince me to go. Again, of course, I look pretty good now, but I'd really love for my skinny jeans to look less like my sausage jeans.

I'm just hoping daily cardio can help me achieve that goal.


Jadielady said...

Best of luck with your goal. I wimped out and didn't go to mine last year, though honestly most of my friends were a year younger(like you!) I hope you have fun and let me know if you want to meet up.

MikaJ said...

did you sign up for the east or west gym? we should meet up a the gym sometime!!! have an awesome weekend, esp at the ren fest...NERD!