21 September 2008


Despite all my frustrations at work and hesitations with my high school reunion, thus far I've had one of those weekends which serves to wipe the slates clean. It's been amazingly refreshing and rejuvenating.

For the first time in almost a year, I got to see my good friend Ginny. But for the first time in probably over 2 years, I got to get together with both Ginny AND Jiff. Talk about a terrible threesome!

Even though it's been quite a while since the three of us have done anything together, we picked up right where we'd left off. Friday night, Ginny and her adorable puppy, Drew, arrived and we all had a sleepover. I felt like a little kid. We couldn't stop laughing, and I think we were all surprised when 3am rolled around. Saturday, we had breakfast at one of my favorite Durham haunts, Guglhupf. After that, we lounged around my apartment (with Drew, much to Luther's chagrin, and his inability to be a cool cat.) We shopped for a baby shower (and I sent off my Peapod for the first baby boy to receive a knitted gifty from me), ate a tasty late lunch/early dinner, enjoyed each other's company...and probably annoyed the hell out of people. That's par for the course - we are not quiet ladies.

I suppose the main difference between my friends (both college and high school) and the other people that I went to school with is that I choose these people because they rock. And they did, and they do and they will in the future.

I think it's no surprise that I love my friends a lot, but it was just nice to feel that all over again...and feel comfortable taking some asinine pictures in the process!

Gotta love Apple's Photobooth Application!

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