25 September 2008

Someday....I'll finish a project and move on.

I have 3 WIPs that I haven't touched in a week. All three are gifts, and I will be so happy when I'm finished with them all. However, this week, I have been focusing on ironing all of my many button downs. This is very time consuming considering the last 2 days I've ironed at least 7 shirts a day. Last night alone, I ironed 3 tuxedo style shirts.

This weekend, I'm hoping to get a couple inches accomplished on my knitted gifty, which will be a birthday present for Julie. I do realize, Julie's birthday was Monday, but I won't see her in person until the end of October. So, I have plenty of time.

In the mean time, I've been lusting after other people's FOs, and figuring out what some of my next strategic projects will be:

Additionally, these pictures have made me realize that I really do need to work on my knitted object photography skills.

Also on my To Do List this week/next week - mail knitted objects to Nancy, Amy, Sarah and Kendra. Whew. I need to get on that and pack that stuff up!


bruiser said...

I like the white sweater with the green trim.

borntoride said...

i really like them all except for number 4. it made me throw up.

i also agree that you need more photography.

nancy said...

ironing is long work! almost worth the $1.50 a shirt to take them out to be cleaned and pressed, no? well, unless you find ironing soothing like my mom does. mostly it makes me crazy and i don't even do a good job :)

i hear you on hankering to get on with new projects, and I *love* the ones you're thinking on!