18 September 2008

Squash pasta leads to existential crisis

Yesterday, my mom told me that she doesn't think that people my age do things like make their own breadcrumbs.

She's probably right. They probably don't skin acorn squash the hard way either - or maybe at all.

I'm probably in the minority of 28 year old single persons: I cook 3 times a week; I bring my lunch at least 4 times a week; I come close to getting my recommended daily allowances for fruits and vegetables.

The end result was worth the trouble. And to be perfectly honest, Mark Bittman told me that I should peel the squash the hard way. I don't like to disagree with him. Unusual recipe, but delicious. Here's my Penne with Acorn Squash:

With my 10 year high school reunion right around the corner, I'm trying to justify to myself how these people could possibly think I'm NOT a waste of space. (I do mean waste of space by their standards, not my own.) They are all pursuing advanced degrees, married, pregnant, or have children. They are stay at home moms, lawyers, graphic designers, nurses, doctors, or photographers being supported by their husbands. No one has changed - people have just morphed into a more ingrained version of who the were to begin with.

I don't really know who I was to begin with and I'm not sure now. I just wish I were more successful, more settled, more rich, more beautiful and more awesome than I already am. That would show them.

All I have to offer is that I probably have more credit card debt, do more crafty crap and cook more than any of them. I suppose that's a pretty good start.


Cindy said...

... and T was just thinking (while cooking dinner myself) the other night how I don't have anything to say that would impress much of anyone at my reunion... being a stay at home mom.

Stupid reunions. Why should I care what they think anyways.

But- tasty looking dinner there.

T. said...

I didn't go to my 10 year reunion for those reasons. Being measured by someone else's standards rather than your own is no fun.
Keep cooking, crafting and doing your own thing. It's more fun that way.

Nancy said...

you are awesome! and gosh that pasta looks amazing.

honestly, i''m with cindy--am married and have a kid and all that stuff (I hate the phrase "stay at home mom" but I guess that is what I am now), and i definitely don't think that makes me any better a use of space than anyone else! truthfully, at my high school reunion it would make me feel guilty for not realizing my intellectual potential.

anyway. from what I can tell you're doing GREAT. you're happy and creative and self-aware, which I'm betting would put you pretty far ahead in any group of people!

Jadielady said...

Well, I'd say cooking and crafty crap is a darn good place to start :)
Seriously I am just psyched you're going. I didn't, and I kinda regret it, but at the same time all I really have now that I didn't then are bigger boobs and 40 extra lbs to thank for them.

Amy (yeah, that one) said...

That was sad. Going to the reunion is not a competition, otherwise I would not be able to go. (We all know I like to win and being unemployed and 20 pounds heavier than I was 10 years ago is not winning.) It's about US giggling in the corner over the fact that someone else thinks their PhD in something useless is going to land them a 6 figure job when they finish at 33 or how the annoying girl that asked 20 questions during math class is now some hot-shot CPA or how the kid that made A's in Mrs. Coffey's class sells used cars! And for the record - I make bread crumbs in my mini-processor every time I need them, I cook dinner 7 nights most weeks, I brown bagged every day when I did work, and in my food diary I have spot to total up fruits & veggies so I get 5+ servings.

I love you anyway.

Cindy said...

I'm planning on being there as long as I remember to buy the tickets. I have plane tickets, just need the actual reunion tickets.

My biological clock actually got the best of me at a horrible time so now my new degree- not getting used yet.