12 September 2008

Traveling light...and fluffy

I am an over-packer. This is a well known fact.

Coupled with a long weekend in DC doing such fun things as watching a rousing rugby game, going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, helping to pack for the a friend's upcoming move, and even returning some clothes...means, I have more than usual.

Packed to the hilt with knitting, a spare set of flatware, empty boxes, and...

That's right. A souffle dish.

My more normal wares can be seen below.

After joking a bit about what to cook for dinner on Saturday, we decided to settle on the unwieldy idea of a souffle. I've only made a handful. I was previously under the erroneous assumption that to make a souffle perfect, I needed to HAND-BEAT my egg whites.

I've learned since then, that my previous assumption was bullsh*t.

I have come ready for the adventure with my traveling souffle dish and my hand blender and wisk attachment. Nothing can hold me back.

While feeling like I must be the only person to ever travel with souffle dish - my friend Jocelyn happily pointed out that she knew a certain giant cooking-savvy man who had been known to carry unusual kitchen accouterments from time to time.

So, I may not be the only one to ever travel with a souffle dish, but I'm probably the only one of my friends to zealously make one this weekend. I will let you know how it goes. My last attempt to make 18 mini-souffles for my own housewarming ended with me relying on Kati's cooking expertise to alleviate quite a kitchen backup.

Now here are a couple foodstuffs from this past week:

delish couscous burritos

eat me.


borntoride said...

i think ani difranco once wisely said "i don't keep much stuff around.... i value my portability." a good reminder for us all :)

Nancy said...

oh wow, yum!