08 September 2008

the week in review

I had an excellent weekend with my mom, but it wasn't nearly long enough. My mom provided amazing moral support and a firm hand as I weeded through my closets. Here are the fruits of our labor:

Mom patiently helped me to sort through both of the small-ish closets in my bedroom and through my chest of drawers. The only things left untouched were my yarn, my sweaters and my books. I do have a plan for at least the books. I am going to start weeding through them and take the nicer ones to the used bookstore for store credit!

In addition to all that closet-sifting, we also had some fun watching the rain that Hanna brought to us. It poured and poured on Saturday morning.

And here are just two photos from Williamsburg, since I never posted pictures:

Just a little bit of food-love before I go - last night, I made spaghetti squash stuffed with lima beans, kidney beans, roasted red peppers and coated in a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Delightful!

And, of course, you all can probably tell that I revamped my blog just a wee bit. I hope you like it. :) Thanks to everyone who weighed in.


borntoride said...

omg i saw this pic of the spaghetti squash on flicker and was wondering where it came from! It looks delishish. Next time you come visit let's go to Farmer's Market and make this!!!!!!!!!

april said...

The squash looks yummy!