14 October 2008

Gifty Progress

I started this knitted gifty (ravlink - ignore the really ugly pictures) for my friend Julie in late August. Julie definitely doesn't have Ravelry, so I can post that without fear that she'll discover what the gift is.

I had a little snafu. When I got to the point that I had only one skein left...I panicked, as I had about 2 skeins worth of knitting to do. Having never ended up in this situation before, I was paralyzed (by both not knowing how to proceed and by the pain in my hand) and did nothing for several weeks. Two weeks ago, I finally got some more yarn, but didn't start integrating it until this week.

So, without much of a problem, I am striping with the two skeins from different dyelots successfully. I'm nearly done on the body, and I am definitely hopeful that I will finish for high school reunion weekend - Oct. 25.

So far, this may be one of my favorite knits yet, but I need to find a way to mask the alternating rows. Should I do a crocheted edge?

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