07 October 2008

The Ninny Spins Again

True to my word, I've continued spinning. We all know how obsessive I am. I'm hateful that my hand hurts while knitting, so this is a good outlet.

A year and a half later, I'm finally starting to dig through my rather substantial stash of fiber to be spun. Acquired at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in 2007 (pre-digital camera) with my mom, I've started working on some multicolor merino roving.

Now, I'm not entirely sure that 1) I actually paid $38 for this fiber or 2) that if I did pay $38 that it was worth it. After having spun with luscious merino combed top last, this has been a rude awakening. It's become increasingly obvious that if the end result of that green merino combed top is amazingly beautiful yarn, it has NOTHING to do with me. The staples are shorter, the lot of wool is a bit napped up and a bit compressed after being stuffed under my bed, in the back of my closet, and wherever it would fit for a full year and a half.

I am thankful, despite the clumpiness of the wool, and my inability to spin it consistently, that I do have a stash of wool to spin. Sometimes I'm lucky that I'm a stashing pack-rat. I'm really enjoying having a choice of fibers and colors. Next, I may try spinning from a sampler of different types of wool and other fibers that I have.

Last night, I went to Durham's Fiber Loft for a little spinning encouragement and help. It was interesting to interact with a handful of spinners (one of which also has a Schacht Matchless), and see how they spin. I may have been better, worse and on par with any of the spinners there. It was nice to talk about wheels, fibers and the satisfaction of plying two strands of handspun yarn together.

Ultimately, I'm pretty happy with the results of my spinning up this roving so far. As usual, I have no idea what to knit with this once I'm done, but it's pretty so far. I've barely started getting into the giant bag of a pound of fiber. I'll probably end up with between 4 and 6 bobbins worth of single ply yarn. (After only a couple of hours, I got a full bobbin.) I'm hoping that it ends up aran or worsted weight.


nancy said...

oh wonderful work! i'm a total packrat too-- it has its benefits and its pitfalls (especially when you have to move all of your squirreled away goods!).

can't wait to see more of your spinning! your yarn looks so lovely on the spindle.

Libbet said...

Can you teach me how to spin on a wheel? I have a spindle and I'm okay with it, but I really wanna learn on a wheel.