04 October 2008

Old 97s and Pumpkins

Last night, I met some friends at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill for an excellent show by the Old 97s. Despite having been a fan for years (I think we all know I'm at least a little bit country), I'd never seen them live. We arrived in time for the opener, Charlie Louvin. For starters, this guy was born in 1927 and has been married for nearly 60 years. He was an awesome, crazy old coot. Good music and great personality.

After the opener, we watched the Old 97s kick some serious ass. It was a good show, but even better, Rhett Miller was drenched in sweat by the end. I volunteered to hose him off, but that didn't go very far. They played both old and new tunes, and I had a pretty good view of both Rhett and my favorite Murry (who I missed playing in Raleigh last week.) Sadly, about halfway through the show, we had a visitor to our little carved out concert space. From the front, he looked like I would imagine the explorer Ferdinand Magellan looked. However, from behind he looked like this:

Big and bald was his head. And he actually did a lot of unfortunate dancing back and forth...much like a metronome.

Between songs and between being bumped into repeatedly by a man where a coral colored polo with sword fish on it...I got to chat with my friend Anne and her husband (who was decked out in a sweet cowboy hat). Who can beat good music, good people and PBR in a can??

Thus far today, I slept REALLY late...much later than normal... When I finally got up, I had a lovely and AWESOME brunch at Elmo's Diner. Sometimes I have patience for the undergraduate heavy crowds at Elmo's, and sometimes not, but today was nice. We headed out to the farm for a little pumpkin picking too. The weather is amazing today - it's in the mid-70s, and it was even a little too hot to be trekking around the farm.


Nancy said...

oh what fun! and what a cute picture of you and the redhead too :)

eje said...

sounds like a great weekend :)

those are some huge sunglasses.

Isabel said...

Gotta love Rhett Miller and pumpkins!