29 October 2008

Reunion Recap

10 years is a long time.

My 10 year high school reunion was really something to talk about. I was genuinely impressed and surprised at how much people had matured, but hadn't changed beyond being recognizable both physically and mentally from that of their high school selves.

Our graduating class was just over 350, and only around 70 kids showed up to Saturday night's reunion event. I was sad that I didn't get a change to talk to everyone. It was strange - at the very end of the night, I was still connecting with people I hadn't yet spoken to... Thankfully, we had a bit of an after-party which gave me the opportunity to chat with folks a little more.

Julie - one of my best friends since middle school, spent the weekend at her house, see her on a regular basis
Amy - one of my best friends, we didn't get along in middle school...(i think?), we had our ups and downs in high school, but ultimately I heart her and I try to see her and her baby on a regular basis
Adam - one of my best friends, we dated, he's now married with two of the cutest kids EVER, he is a loser and didn't come to reunion, although I did go see him during the weekend
Christine - part of my group of high school friends, lives far away in Georgia, haven't seen her since...maybe 2002...?
Katie - part of my group of high school friends, but we weren't close, she lives right near me in NC and we don't see each other, it was fun catching up with her a bit
David - actively hated him in high school, he's married and has kids and has turned into a nice guy...who would've thought...?
Lloyd - neighborhood friend from elementary and middle school, we were inseparable one summer and then never really talked after that
Walt - random kid who didn't go to high school with us, but hung out with me a bit, he's now dating a classmate of mine and I got to catch up with him some
Jeff - slacker class president who I liked but wasn't close to in high school, still lives in Lburg and is damn entertaining
Garland - really had no connection to during high school, but is funny as shit now
Richard - graduated in a different year than us, but is married to one of our classmates, he totally outdanced me, as you can see below
There were more people that I talked to and was interested in, but I can't list out everyone. I wish the weekend had been longer...and I wish I'd kept in touch with some of these people all along...

For my embarrassment and your entertainment, here are a couple pictures.


borntoride said...

did you finish you KG for Julie? Glad you had fun! Pics are great and love the dress of course!

Janel said...

Dude, you could have totally listed me. We DID sing Shoop together...=)
Great seeing you!

Cindy said...

Makes me wish I hadn't let my shyness get the best of me....