06 October 2008

Slugabed Oxymoron

This weekend, I definitely spent some time lazing around the house, but not in the completely unproductive way. I got a ton of spinning done. Here's a picture of me hard at work on the porch before it got too hot out:

I realize this is hardly a good picture of me. I'm not showered, my hair is in a messy ponytail, and yes, I am in my PJs. However, it is the first picture of me spinning. Yay! Proof that I spin!

After finishing spinning my singles, I plied 2 together and ended up with some decent yarn. It's not 100% what I was going for, but hopefully my spinning class tonight will help me remedy that.

It's amazing how far wool will go. Ultimately, I ended up with about 479 yards of yarn. Now, I have NO idea what to do with that yarn, but I guess I can tool around on Ravelry and figure something out...

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