03 October 2008


I feel so boring with out my camera. I can't spice up my blog posts with pictures - even random unrelated ones.

Just a few Friday thoughts:

1. Sarah Palin sure did wink at America, or the moderator, or the camera-person a lot during the VP debate last night. At least once, it kind of looked like she got a false start and maybe winked twice in a row. The shoutout to the 3rd grade class...?? And her comment, "Say it ain't so, Joe..." I was writhing with secondary embarassment. It seems to me that she still feels like she's in a pagent. I wouldn't be surprised if she taped her tits together and vaselined her teeth before going on last night.

I find her heinously em-bare-assing.

2. High school reunion has just gotten more enticing. Amy proposed trying to find a time to squeeze Scaremare into our weekend. Although it is put on by Liberty University (the house of all that is bad and intolerant in the world), Scaremare is the BEST hautned house I've ever seen. It's good in a grip the stranger in front of you's hand kind of way. It's good in an empty your bladder before you go in kind of way. LOVE IT. For $8, you too can soil yourself! (If you ever think about attending, just be prepared to ignore the 15 minutes at the end where they try to convert you to Falwell-ism.)

3. I actually ate 2 substantial dinners last night at Panera. I don't know what my problem was, but I think it had to do with the depression stemming from attending knitting group without being able to knit.

4. Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

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borntoride said...

you are too funny. i can't believe i've never heard of scaremore. the liberty peepz probably went out of their way NOT to promote it to the whores on the hill. maybe it is something to aspire to attend next year though. i do so much miss the lynchburg. and we do still need to go back there for a visit sometime in the next year or so - we must!!!