10 October 2008

Things Not to Store with Toothbrushes

Among the disarray and disrepair of a friend's current accommodations (for only a week longer - woo!), there have been a good many things that have bothered me. On the one time that they mopped, the bucket of mop water was left in the middle of the floor for far too long. There are often crumbs and sticky spots left on the coffee table...not so sure what that's from. There was the crystal deodorant in the bathroom leaving a residue that was never cleaned up by its' owner.

There have been others, but today, when I found a bikini line trimmer among our toothbrushes, I thought to myself, "These people have some disinfecting to do."

I hope the house doesn't crumble around the roommates after my friend's departure.


Cindy said...

the only thing I can think of to say is....


oh and... I'd invest in some new toothbrushes.

borntoride said...

i think you should have taken a picture to have good, hard evidence.