13 October 2008

Times they are a-changing.

Moving, visiting, construction, disappearing apartments.

The weekend in DC helping a friend get packed to move apartments was fun and productive. We got a lot of packing done, took her foodstuffs over to the new place, got her packed up for a conference this week, and even had time to visit with some friends. The soundtrack of the weekend included constant companionship by Guster, Dispatch, O.A.R. and Barefoot Truth. Clearly, I have a very specific taste in music. It all kind of made me feel like a frat boy, but in a good way...

Although, I didn't go to the game, my favorite rugby girls, the Furies, had a great game against Philly this weekend, ending in a score of 52-13. Seems that even though 13 is my (and the team's) lucky number, it's not unlucky for Philly. I have never understood how Philly's wins have been seen as skill, and the Furies' wins have been seen as luck. Regardless, I am psyched that the Furies have been doing well and playing strong this season.

I wish I had some good pictures to offer up from the packing extravaganza, but I don't... Since Joanna and Jocelyn came to retrieve a few more things that my friend had been borrowing, I should have gotten a picture of Joanna's car with a giant table on the roof. Sadly, I missed out on that photo op.

I did make quite the rounds on Sunday. I stopped by Arlington and said hello to Misha and Francesca. Then, I headed through Fredericksburg and met up with Jiffy for a nice walk around downtown and a little Sammy T's love. (Sammy T's is still my favorite restaurant, I do believe.) Boy, Fredericksburg has changed. The Bradford Pear lined streets have changed...they're now lined with shrubby purple Crepe Myrtles. I do love Crepe Myrtles, but the Pears were so perfect. One of my favorite apartments that I lived in has since been torn down and replaced with and ever expanding church.

In knitting news, although I should NOT be knitting, I am desperate to finish my knitted gifty which is for my friend Julie. After much debating, I decided to go to my high school reunion, and I'll be staying with Julie. The knitted gift that I'm working on has been slow going - mostly because my hand was bothering me. I swear, after I finish this, which I'm hoping will be this week, I am going to quit the knitting for a bit. (And I'll take the time off to focus on mailing out a good many knitted baby goodies.)

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