10 October 2008

The Trials of Roving

When I started working my way through my pound of Duke blue, maroon and white merino roving, I was surprised. Having just been spinning with combed top, I was spoiled. I didn't have to know how to spin at all with the combed top - it practically spun itself and made me a cup of tea in the process. This roving was a little rougher on me. It required quite a bit of predrafting (a chore that I am not a fan of). Initially, I was producing very overspun, yucky bits of yarn, but I fell into a rhythm and got to the point where I was creating a mostly consistent yarn of the thickness I wanted.

Despite the rude awakening, I plugged on and did 2 full bobbins of mottled tweedy yarn, which I had the pleasure of plying together last night.

As always, plying yarn together regains my spinning self-esteem. It makes me feel that all my toiling is worthwhile. The finished product no matter the uneven thickness, no matter the occasional overspun spot, no matter the sometimes clumpy whispies hanging of a single ply...is always something to feel proud of. After plying my tweedy bluish maroonish yarn together, I felt at peace, calmed and I thought to myself, "I need a pillow made out of this yarn."

While that green combed top merino loveliness spun itself, the chunky, nappy roving produced a loftier, more useful and beautiful yarn.

I've got more than a half a pound of fiber remaining and I've already filled and plyed to bobbins worth of singles, to the tune of 220 yards of yarn.

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