02 November 2008

Pirates and Zucchini and Houses, oh my.

I tell you - I haven't knit in over a week. I have, however, assembled a Halloween costume in under 10 minutes. I went to the River Side High School homecoming football game. It was definitely pretty cold out - much colder than I'd remembered my own high school football games being. The River Side Pirates didn't win...the game seemed to have been a comedy of errors. They did present a winning and lovely homecoming court.

Afterward, I headed over to my friends Anne and Nathan's for a wonderful Halloween party, complete with political costumes and Bud Light. I was out until all hours of the morning, just like the party animals that I imagine myself to be. (Although the amount that I personally slept this weekend, indicates my true nature.)

We spent Saturday between Guglhupf (my favorite breakfast place in Durham) and the Duke Forest walking trails. It was a gorgeous day - I couldn't believe how warm and beautiful it was out. Talk about Indian Summer. I started out the day in a fleece and ended up in a t-shirt. I was thankful that I could strong arm Jiff into cooking her magical, mystical Red Devil Sauce - I'm not sure exactly what's in it, but it's so good that I HATE having to share it. We met up with a coworker of mine for beers and pool...and confirmed that we all suck at pool.

Today, after waking late, I did some cooking and baking. I dove into cooking early. I made an omelette and some delicious zucchini bread. The recipe that I used is excellent - it's not the same moist but dull bread I'm used to. It's chunky, solid and serious. Delicious. You can find the recipe here: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Maple-Zucchini-Bread/Detail.aspx

I spent part of the day toying with the idea of buying a house. It's not something I'd thought much about, but given the economy, it seems that it might be wise. After 5 years at Duke, I'm vested in the retirement money they have set aside for me. (Of course, the unspoken is that I actually do really like my job, and I've become rather fond of the Durham area.) I was able to drag Jiff around to a number of small bungalows today...all cute, some better values than others. I don't know much about house buying though, so, I'm not nearly ready to seal the deal. Regardless of where I live, let's hope I can keep up my baking and cooking frenzy.


Nancy said...

oh wow, yum! how many zucchini did it take? do you think flax seed would work as well as wheat germ? i want to go to the market and get some zucchini and make this RIGHT NOW!

Cindy said...

Houses are nice, but the upkeep can be the pits.