29 November 2008

My own Thanksgiving

I spent Thanksgiving with my dad and his wife and had a lovely time. Once I left, I longed for leftovers and my mom's stuffing. Of course, my mother's stuffing, the amazing feast that it was, had sausage in it. Oh the joys of the pre-vegetarian feast.

I decided that we would try my hand at Thanksgiving.

I worked a bit of magic on the turkey. It was stuffed with onions and carrots. I rubbed it down with course grained salt and brown sugar. The result was a successful, perfectly done (we'll call that beginners luck) and delicious turkey. Woo.

I also found (and then altered) a recipe for mushroom and leek stuffing. Thank you epicurious. It was amazing. I am currently feeling overly full from gorging on it. From the leftover mushroom water and drippings, I made homemade gravy. It was a bit too salty, but hey, at least I tried.

A friend whipped up some fresh green beans with scallions and walnuts. It really helped to balance out the mushy cookedness of the rest of the meal.

She also made some awesome sweet potatoes - my favorite way - with pineapples and mini-marshmallows.

And lastly, a cherry pie. Mmmm. We'd already had apple and pumpkin this week, so cherry seemed to be the route to go.

The whole spread:

I'm really proud of this! This was all new territory for us. It was a delicious meal. And we'll have great leftovers this week. Mmmm...

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nancy said...

OH YUM! you two are AMAZING! an entire thanksgiving feast.