19 November 2008


Slowly but surely, I am mailing packages. Sitting on my living room floor for a good long while, have been knitted items, mix CDs, anytime cards, birthday cards and more knitted items. :)

Last week, I finally managed to send out one knitted gift, one regular gift, 4 small anytime gifts, 5 birthday cards and a get well card.

I am hoping that by the end of this week I can mail out my remaining knitted baby gifties - for babies who continue to grow. I'd better get those items out fast before these kids get to college!

Of course, I haven't been knitting much these days. Last Thursday, I went to my hysterical knitting group and got some done - and then meeting Mika on Sunday allowed me a couple rows. My February Lady Sweater for my friend Julie (whose birthday was in September - although at the end) is still on the docket. I surely hope I can manage to finish it by Christmas!

Next up - Wicked for a combination Christmas and belated birthday gift. Yay!

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