05 November 2008


Yesterday, amazing barriers were broken down. Not surprisingly, myself and millions of Americans were moved to tears when Barack Obama became the first African-America president-elect.

The dream of the founders of America is live and well. And yes, we all still have and are overcome with hope.

Whatever it takes.

I know it's unrealistic to think that Obama can fix everything, or at this point, a small fraction of the things that have gotten broken in the last 8 years. It's only now, with a fresh new mindset and this new set of hopes and dreams that we can work to rise as one nation and one people.

From Time Magazine:
A hundred thousand people came out in red states to hear Obama; a hundred fifty thousand turned out in purple ones, even after all this time, when they should have been sick to death of Hope and Change. In Michigan, people put an electric fence around their yard sign to protect it. NASA astronauts on board the International Space Station sent a video message encouraging people to vote; they did, from 200 miles up. A judge in Ohio ruled that homeless people could use a park bench as their address in order to register. A couple flew home from India just to cast their ballots. Obama's Ohio volunteers knocked on a million doors on Monday alone. That night, a Florida official locked himself in the Seminole County election headquarters and slept overnight with the ballots to make sure nothing went wrong with the vote. Early-voting lines in Atlanta were 10 hours long, and still people waited, as though their vote was their most precious and personal possession at a moment when everything else seemed to be losing its value. You heard the same phrases everywhere. First time ever. In my lifetime. Whatever it takes.
If you get a chance, check out these amazing photos of Obama:


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borntoride said...

i just finished looking at all the pics and reading all 400 comments. Thanks for posting a link to them. I loved the one with the 5 year old kid and the fist bump (or whatever they called it.) Definitely shows how much Obama's campaign embraced everyone!