19 November 2008

What should I make??

As I was getting ready for bed a few moments ago, I paused to think about food. (This happens pretty regularly - I do love food.) I don't have much in the house. I have a couple tupperwares of leftovers from my curry, mandatory veggie corndogs, cilantro, an onion, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, miscellaneous frozen vegetables, pasta, eggs, bananas that are ready for baking and soy milk.

What the hell can I make?

I don't have enough eggs for a quiche, but I'm not opposed to making a quick run to the store for those after work tomorrow. Does that even sound good? A cauliflower quiche? A broccoli quiche? A sweet potato and cilantro quiche? Blech.

I don't know. I want to make something sometime in the next few days...but I don't know what.



nenny said...

I made a spinach & pepper frittata with some really good swiss the other day that was pretty enjoyable. It's all about the cheese, man. You would totally love wisconsin!

herding tapeworms said...

cheesy potatoes. you should always make cheesy potatoes. or sweet potato fries and banana bread. it might be time for a snack...