07 December 2008


Have you ever been complete and utterly taken off guard? Flabbergasted? Surprised to tears?

That is what happened yesterday afternoon.

Jiffy and I spent a relaxing morning and early afternoon running errands. We started out checking out a new coffee shop near Duke: Copa Vida. It was excellent. Great coffee, and pastries from Guglhupf to boot. And then, we were off and running: bookstore, Target, World Market, REI. Whew.

With our many many bags, we headed back to my place. And, there they were, EIGHT OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE! A surprise house warming party! Now, of course, I moved in a while ago, so I really was quite surprised. Flabbergasted, astounded and yes, moved to tears, damnit. So much for my frosty exterior.

  1. My apartment was a shithole. Sciacca cleaned it. Poor, poor woman.
  2. There was a lot of lying. A LOT. Jiff and another friend were lying about why they wouldn't carpool to save gas - something I KEPT bugging them to do. Misha was lying about why she couldn't come down to visit for the weekend. My coworker and good buddy both were blowing me off at any attempts at making weekend plans.
  3. There were decorations all over my apartment. And most importantly, Dawson's Creek was playing when I walked in.
  4. There were copious amounts of food and alcohol. Oh - and it was really hard to fit the copious amounts of alcohol in the frig...because there were also copious amounts of salad greens...and I do mean pounds of salad greens.
  5. I've never felt otherwise, but just to reaffirm, I love my friends.
Photos will follow soon. :) I'm still glowing from the whole ordeal. It was amazing.


Jifferspop said...

Yeah for us pulling it off! Heehee. So glad you enjoyed it! We all love you, too!

borntoride said...

yep. we do heart you.bunches.

Camilla said...

what a fun surprise!