19 December 2008

FO: Square Toed Booties

Pattern: Page 81 Booties
Size: Medium
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in Caribbean (630) and Lemongrass (607)
Needles: #3
Started: 12/17/2008
Finished: 12/19/2008

I was trolling around on Ravelry trying to find some free and different baby booties to be knit with worsted weight yarn. This is the perfect pattern. It's pretty simple and quick to knit. The assembly is easy. Instead of knitting 6 squares, I knitted only 4 and it seemed to work just fine. I imagine that I would have had a considerably more difficult time assembling them if I'd had yet another square to cope with. I highly recommend checking out this pattern especially if you've got some leftover yarn.


Jadielady said...

Awww those are very cute! I'm not much for sewing though.

Cindy said...

Those are super cute

Nancy said...

I love those! So darling and intersting- like origami! And Sophie sleeps with the fishy you made with the rest of those yarns every night- it is a big fave. ;)