30 December 2008

Good Times

Weeks ago now, I spent a chilly weekend with friends in NYC. Despite having caught some atrocious bug, I had a lovely time. And being in the city definitely enhanced my being in the holiday spirit. As many of you know, I've been a bit of a grinch in recent years. Often traveling between my parents houses over the Christmas holiday leaves me void of any joy. This year, that problem was solved.

Last week, my mom came down to NC for 5 days to celebrate Baby J's birthday. We had a great time celebrating in our favorite way - through food. Here's some of the stuff we ate:

- Mushroom, leek and carrot quiche
- Individual Berry Crisps
- Banana Bread (of course!)
- Mushroom and Leek Stuffing
- Brown Sugar and Flax Seed Crusted Salmon
- Sweet and Sour Pearl Onions
- Gouda Fondue
- Artichoke Dip
- Breakfast Roll (but this one had scrambled eggs, olive tapenade and cream cheese in it!)

We were so productive. I knit a ton, I got rid of a bunch of stuff, I reorganized my closets and my filing, and we watched a bunch of great movies.

Sadly though, five days with mom was just not enough. Now, to make myself feel better, I've busied myself posting ridiculously old pictures to Facebook. Here's a little sampling:

My favorite pair of shoes in high school.

Sometimes it's better to not ask questions...

And best yet, my parents dearly departed puppy dog, Bo.

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KathyMarie said...

I hope your cold has cleared up! Hooray for lifted spirits, and happy New Year!