09 December 2008

More Soup, More Leeks

I spent a little more time in the kitchen this evening with Deborah Madison. She has some great soups...and she has some duds. Tonight, I made Leek and Scallion Soup with Potato Gnocchi. It had such a good recipe, but it wasn't that tasty. It had water and it probably should have had veggie broth instead. I had to add thyme, a ton of salt and cream. No go. I mean, it looks pretty, but it's really not that tasty. Sad.

I wanted to take some in to work with me to share, but I might have to keep this soup to myself.

Even if I made a lame soup, I have a ton of salad stuff to get me through the rest of the week. Mmm...salad.

1 comment:

borntoride said...

it's pretty! sorry you were sorta disappointed with the taste. Could you try adding more spices and garlic? I generally think garlic fixes EVERYTHING.