17 December 2008

The Netflix Dilemma

It's been months. The DVD has moved from mailbox to table to coffee table to bedroom to DC and back and then...into a box of miscellaneous crap I need to deal with. Again, it's been months.

Unforgiven. 1993 Academy Award winner for best picture. Written by David Webb Peoples. Directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. And unwanted, by me.

I had NO interest whatsoever in watching this movie. It's part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days. I wanted to watch all movies that have won an Academy Award for best picture. There have been a handful that I haven't been interested in... Unforgiven was first on that list. I'm not a huge western fan...nor am I a Clint Eastwood fan. Million Dollar Baby is also on the list. I know it will make me cry. I'm sure it's a great movie, but I definitely don't need to cry over a movie about a woman boxer. Platoon follows. I'm certain it's a great movie. It's just not MY type of movie. I don't know much about it other than it's about Vietnam...which means heavy and not uplifting, right?

Aside from just wanting to watch all films who have won best picture, I often watch movies that I dislike just to have watched them and just to be able to converse about them.

I am signed up for the one disc at a time plan on Netflix. My queue is out of control. And I've been stalled for months while I got up the energy to watch Unforgiven. I had to do it. I can't send an unwatched disc back. That is admitting defeat. After some research, I'm not the only person who can't return films unwatched, nor have I kept a disc for the longest amount of time. I know of a friend or two to hold on to Hotel Rwanda for an inordinate amount of time. Considering Ignoring John Malkovich?

I am definitely glad to have watched Unforgiven. It was good, I enjoyed it, and it wasn't at all what I expected.

That being said, consider this: since Netflix's business model is opposite that of most businesses - consumption is not the name of the game. The less movies you watch, the less they pay on postage. So, ultimately, it was just I screwing myself. When I first got Netflix, my goal was to have a 2-3 day turn around for films. Get it, watch it, send it back, repeat. Since I fell off the wagon, I just rented the most expensive movie OF MY LIFE. I just paid 3 times the value of the DVD itself. Now, that's just not right. I will definitely be paying closer attention to my turn around time from now on. Unforgiven is going in the mail now, and I will wait with baited breath for my next, better, more wanted film.


Cindy said...

I know if I ever got netflix I'd lose interest or lose the disk or something and end up just throwing money away by forgetting about it.. so I have resisted the temptation... mark me as one of the only people in the US not doing netflix ;)

bruiser said...

haha you totally called me out on Hotel Rhwanda. I think I may watch it tonight. I'm going to start preparing myself mentally right now.

ms. d said...

Do you ever do the "Watch instantly" on netflix?

I watch so many movies that way- lots of independent films and documentaries...
Sometimes I can get my money's worth in a single day!!!