19 December 2008

On Walking Fast

Do you ever feel like you're walking through life too quickly? I sometimes feel that way when I feel like I haven't taken the time to stop and admire all that is around me. Of course, at this particular moment, what is around me is a pile of yarn, a ratty handknit blanket from my grandmother, a half unpacked suitcase, 4 boxes of different cold/flu/sinus medications, a stack of presents to be wrapped and a cap. I've stopped. I've seen what there is here, and I feel ready to move on... to work, which is my next stop of the day.

Stop and smell the roses. Vomit. Campy, cheesiness.

How can I simultaneously feel like I'm flying through life not appreciating things while simultaneously feeling like I haven't accomplished enough? Shouldn't those two things be oxymorons?

Just to give a wee bit more guidance, I'd like to refer to my 101 Things in 1001 Days. I haven't updated it recently, but perhaps I'll spend some time doing that tomorrow. I thought that surely, by now, I would have managed to eat only fresh, home cooked, food - no boxes, no restaurants - for 2 weeks by now. Why is that so hard? Perhaps, I should try that starting tomorrow. Things like the book club, updating my resume, learning to knit continental style and educating myself further about Judaism have completely fallen by the wayside. Not to mention my more lofty pressing goals of someday actually figuring out what it is that I want to be when I grow up and pursuing a graduate degree in said field.

I suppose the number of Best Picture Academy Award winners that one has seen does not impact their success in life. But that goal, that is one I am tackling hard. That other stuff? I'll get to it.

I can't tell - am I walking too fast through life? Or not fast enough?

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