05 December 2008

Peak Fitness in Durham

A year ago, I signed up for a membership with Peak Fitness on Chapel Hill Rd. in Durham. Upon signing up for the gym membership, I also signed up for personal training sessions through Professional Fitness, which operates out of the Peak Fitness. It's been one frustration after another since I signed up.

First problem:
My personal trainer was fired, which was sad for me, because I really liked him. Neither Peak Fitness nor Professional Fitness, bothered to tell me. I went in trying to sign up for sessions and was clearly unable to. When they FINALLY got back to me, I had paid for 3 sessions...that I hadn't attended because I had no trainer and no one bothered to contact me. When I tried to get that money back, of course, it was a futile effort. I decided to cancel my contract on account of their supremely shitty service. Not surprisingly, I also had to pay out the ass to cancel the contract.

Second problem:
My gym membership expired mid-November. Someone from the gym called to see if I wanted to re-up. I told them that I did not. I told them that since I had moved in between setting up the membership and now, that I didn't have my paperwork handy. I wondered what else I needed to do to cancel my membership. NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. This is it, thankyouverymuch. I was amazed! UNTIL I got charged again this month for the gym membership. I called the payment company. Of course just talking to some ass at Peak Fitness wasn't enough. I needed to give the payment company 30 days written notice that I was canceling. SUPER.

Thanks so much, Peak Fitness. Between this blog and my big mouth - I hope that I can dissuade a good number of people from joining up at your slightly rundown, slightly dirty gym.

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