05 December 2008

Restorative Power of Soup!

Since my coworker is sick, I thought I'd try to find a good soup to help her heal a little more quickly. A friend gave me a copy of Vegetable Soups from Deborah Madison's Kitchen. I don't use it very often. Although I very much enjoy soups - so many soups require such a great deal of chopping and so many ingredients that I just can't justify spending the time on a glorified drink.

That being said, I was up for a bit of an adventure tonight. I chose the Spring Green Soup...a bit odd for winter, I realize, but the post-cooking hue is much more winter than spring.

The soups ingredients are as follows:
sorrel - I used Mache, which was a bit too sweet.
sea salt pepper
veggie stock
lemon juice

I am happy to report that the soup is really quite astounding, and that since I have no idea what sorrel is - it's certainly not lacking without it.

I did make my own croutons, which are perfectly buttered and crispily delicious. I am planning on making a special delivery to my coworker tomorrow.


nenny said...

I have one of Deborah Madison's books (Local Flavors) and it's excellent. I had sorrel for the first time this spring from our CSA box. Kevin used it to make one of the best soups I've ever tasted - it's kind of tart and lemony and delicious. If you can find it for next time, it's definitely worth it.

borntoride said...

buter? raly? i must admit it was quite tasty. the croutons too. i was wondering if you had made them but i forgot to ask.