03 December 2008

What comprises a good day

Although my day was filled with frustration, second-job issues, a lack of motivation, an overwhelming urge to finally get myself pointed in the direction of grad school, this was a good day.

I had lunch with 3 of my favorite coworkers today and all of them want to learn to knit. While on our lunch break, we went to the store for knitting needles and yarn.

As though that weren't heartwarming enough, when I got home, I checked my mail for the first time in a week. I got my standard fliers, magazines, catalogs, and REAL MAIL. REAL SNAIL MAIL FROM LIVE HUMANS!

Here are my 5 - yes 5 - pieces of snail mail. Amazing.

Here they are! They are displayed on my lovely new Wii Fit. Yay!

Clearly, I should check my mail less frequently.


Jadielady said...

Oooh and A Wii Fit too? You lucky gal!

Janel said...

Ohh i love me some snail mail--and have fun--the Wii Fit rocks!