01 December 2008


This weekend, I packaged up 5 different boxes of stuff and one softpak to mail to friends and family for Christmas and not-Christmas. I'd definitely consider packing up boxes a "Work in Progress" since I have more boxes of stuff to mail sitting at home. Among the items I mailed:
- baby gifties
- baby sweater
- February Lady Sweater
- Christmas gift for my aunt
- random crap for a friend

I love heading to the post office. Yay!

In more knitting news, the Thanksgiving holiday was clearly good to me. I finished up my February Lady Sweater, a source of great pride given my recent lack of free time. En route between my dad's house and NC, I got started knitting Wicked (in the dark) for a good friend of mine. I am challenging myself to make some substantial progress over the next week.

Lastly, I spent some time working on my Soy Sachiko Kimono. I hadn't touched the kimono in ages, but I do now know who it's going to. My good friend from high school Julie (not the one who received the February Lady Sweater, but another who happens to have the same last name) is pregnant with a little girl and is due in January. My goal is to finish this sweater SOON. I believe that I may have accidentally knit the left and right sides of the sweater in different size needles. No good. I will have to take a closer look at that this evening to determine what sort of damage control is necessary. I'd hate to have to reknit that, but one must do what one must do.

About the pictures:
Above - Luther got a new bed...which is clearly too small, but that doesn't stop him.
Below Left - The wooded view from my balcony.
Below Right - Dream in Color Classy on the road with me over Thanksgiving.

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borntoride said...

what a pretty tree to be in bloom during such a gloomy season (winter.)

i hope you get that needle thing sorted....

nice pics overall - i really like the one with the punkins and the captions of all of them. made me laugh out loud.