09 January 2009

Beyond the Beltway

This week has seemed never-ending to me. I suppose that's a product of 3 short weeks in a row. I won't be doing that again anytime soon. In fact, I probably won't be taking any days off until my early March cruise. That alone will require a passel of days, and I don't want to waste the precious ones that I have.

There are two types of employees in my office - those who accrue vacation and use it, and those who accrue and hoard. For the most part, I'm a hoarder. Since starting work here, I have only taken a day here, a long weekend there. This will be my first foray into a week long vacation. It's an odd concept - one that I'm familiar with from childhood, but really haven't seen up close until now.

As I blogged about earlier this week, I am trying to detox a bit. It's been going well. The media detox has been much worse than the dietary suggestions. I must admit, I did watch the new 30 Rock last night. I just couldn't resist. In addition to that though, I went to the gym, cooked dinner, packed up for this weekend's getaway, tidied and took a bath! So, I think my lack of TV and computer and my productivity outweighed 30 Rock. I am however rocking the lentils, quinoa, brown sticky rice, kidney beans and hummus. Watch out world.

I am hitting the road today in a different direction than normal. I'll be heading over to horse country in the norther tip of Virginia. I haven't been to my friend's place since...2003? 2004? The bulk of my close college friends will be there and I'm looking forward to...well, relaxing some more (despite the recent vacation days and time off). :) There will be dogs, horses, tea and apparently, an orange tart. So, wish me luck as I trek well into the night traversing through the non-95 Corridor of Virginia!

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