05 January 2009


Is anyone considering doing the Body and Soul Challenge? I hadn't heard of it before, but Fig&Plum mentioned it on her blog. I joined up today.

It has a pretty simple basis for detox - it's focus on a whole life cleanse. Eat better, sleep better, watch less TV, surf the net less, exercise more, get outside more. I dig it. So far, so good. For the first day, they ask you to write candidly about your diet. It was pretty easy for me to do. I know what the healthiest and least healthy aspects of my diet are. Unsurprising to those who know me, my food weaknesses are salty foods, cheese, late night snacking, avoiding breakfast, drinking too much coffee, and an overzealous usage of butter.

Tomorrow, I'll be cutting my caffeine intake...which is already pretty small. During the week, I have one 16oz cup of homemade drip coffee a day with a possible cup of Earl Grey tea midday. I'll be trying to increase whole grains and legumes...already scheming with a recipe or two.

It's also when the media fast begins. This might be the hardest part. I am completely addicted to the internet. I do look forward to hopefully cutting that out for the rest of the week in favor of knitting, reading and listening to some music.

I couldn't have stumbled on to this at a better time! 53 days until cruise time!

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