22 January 2009

get your ya-yas out

Being in the mountains last weekend is making me antsy to get outside and stretch my legs. We had a little outdoor time this weekend, but not enough. It's been forever since I went on a weekend backpacking trip... In fact, just today, I emailed my dad to see if he wanted to go on an early spring overnight backpacking trip.

Growing up in Lynchburg, which is at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, spoiled me. It wasn't necessarily great hiking within a short drive. There was decent hiking within a manageable drive, and there was the Shenandoah and the AT pretty close by... Sometimes I miss Virginia for the delightful differences between the mountains, the coastal plain and the Piedmont region. Being a stone's throw away from the Peaks of Otter and everything else was lovely.

Durham sometimes seems so drably flat. I don't mind the flat for cycling so much. I can usually push it and get up to a good speed. Some of the roads that we were on in Asheville last weekend would be exhilarating and terrifying. I'm certain I couldn't get up them...and it'd be hard to get down them. I'm sure it would help me be more comfortable as a cyclist. At this point, I'd consider going out cycling if the roads and pathways weren't so icy still. After talking to Misha about cycling and the fact that she might go this weekend, I'm tempted to drop everything here and join her.

As you can see, the winter seems to be dragging on... It's left me with a stale taste in my mouth and I'm ready for something more flavorful. Sunlight and crisp air are fine, but they are so much better when coupled with great company and exercise.

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