06 January 2009

Computer Detox

I am hoping that this detox can work it's magic on me. I seldom sleep well, I have trouble winding down before bed, I've been eating unhealthily, and I spent way too much time plugged into my laptop. It makes sense for me to post now, before I head home and avoid the TV and computer. I'm already sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours at a time.

I'm off to a good start. I am drinking lots of water, eating hummus and quinoa, cutting back my caffeine, and mentally preparing myself for no computer and TV... It seems simple enough but ultimately, it's hard for me. I'm a multi-tasker. I like to knit while watching TV and playing online. Productive, huh? Maybe I'll take out my recycling, clean out my fridge, put away my clean dishes, go to the grocery store...or...read. Crazy thought, I know!

I do have one more (late) knitted (Christmas) gifty that I need to finish working on. I'd like to get myself to about 50% finished tonight.

In random other news: A month ago, I drafted a letter to our bottled water supplier for the office (we have bottled water because Durham has been in a drought). About 4 months ago, the bottles of water started arriving with a different type of bottle cap, which is MUCH harder to open. READ: we use pliers to open them because no one in the office can open them successfully. Today, we received a reply, explaining their change. It's a smaller cap which is made of less plastic which is more environmentally responsible. Regardless of their decision, I was TOTALLY unexpected and exciting! Customer service, for any and all companies, kind of sucks. Yay for good customer service.

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Cindy said...

more environmentally responsible perhaps but it also uses less plastic which saves them money... there's two sides to it.

I'm not arguing that we shouldn't be cutting back on raw materials if we can for whatever reason, but I get a kick out of the green washing going on everywhere.

Good luck on the detox. I know too much computer time can make me antsy and depressed personally. I don't understand quite what it is that does it though.