29 January 2009

The Song of Insomnolence

I am sitting at home vaguely contemplating my evening...and settling in from the busyness. I accomplished much thus far in little time - gym, oil change, knitting group, finished a book, worked on a mailing for work, visited a sex toy shop. I am relaxing for the time being before I start preparing for the weekend. That seems like an odd statement, but I'm always going somewhere. As every Thursday, I have a short amount of time to be in my house and prepare myself for the weekend, which entails packing, tidying, getting Luther prepped and ready to go for the weekend. It's utterly exhausting.

At least I have clean oil in my car though!

I'm paused with lassitude. All I can hear is the whir of my computer and the loud ticking of my wrist watch. It's strangely calming, although I'm aware that staying up late, playing online blogging will make it even harder for me to sleep.

When I was growing up, my best friend got a Basset Hound puppy that slept more soundly when there was a loudly ticking wind-up clock near his bed. Supposedly, the clock replicated the sound of his mother's heart and was meant to calm him. How ridiculous. The sound of a clock or a watch is nothing like the solid thud of a heartbeat or nearly as satisfying as the feel of being close enough to someone to hear their heart. The sound of a clock ticking reverberates hollowly, whereas the sound of a true heart beat is somewhat dull and yet tritely filled with life. I can't imagine confusing the two...or attempting to substitute one for the other.

Maybe tonight I'll sleep more soundly being within ear shot of the melodious hum of my CPU and the tinny tick of my watch, but somehow I doubt it.

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Jadielady said...

I used to know a guy who couldn't sleep if his computer wasn't on. He'd gotten so used to the whir of it that he just couldn't rest without it.