03 February 2009

Aching for Sunshine

Yesterday, I had lunch with a coworker outside. It was just over 60° and breezy. I should have had a jacket on, but I didn't. It's getting to that point in the season where I'm just done with the cold and the overcast skies that look they want to snow, but never really do. My mom and I go back and forth about the weather. Since I am inside, in an office building all day long, I seldom get to actually experience the weather. So, other than feeling slightly irritated that we haven't had sun in a long time, or wanting there to be a break in the rain, I don't have too many daily interactions with the weather.

This weekend though, I am hoping to cheer up the winter funk with some fun in the sun. Temperatures are going to be in the mid 60s this weekend. I can't wait. It's not warm per se...but it's warm in comparison to this week's temperatures and it's a far cry from tonight's chance of snow...

I plan to log some good miles on my bike this weekend. I was hoping to go hiking with coworkers this weekend, but one of my compatriots has opted for skiing, another is out sick and yet another must attend a basketball game. So, that leaves just me and my bike. I have high hopes for my cycling this weekend, but I haven't touched my bike in ages. In fact, there may be a fine layer of dust on it. Tonight, I'll dust her off and get her ready for the road again. Hopefully, being on my bike in the sunshine will improve my dull winter mood.

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