12 February 2009

Each Healthy Turn Deserves Another

Tonight is knitting night, and I hope that I'm going to make it there. I might have to be at the office a little later than I had planned and I don't have my knitting with me.


The problem recently has been this: I'm hyperfocused on something at any given point in time. Sadly, knitting is not it right now. Since I'll be heading on a cruise with Jiffy in a mere 18 days, I am focused on getting and staying in shape. I've dropped pounds, I've dropped a pants size. Finally after 2 years, I fit back in some of my favorite pants. That being said, I'm not sad that I haven't been knitting. I've been working hard to eat well, eat fewer prepared foods, working out at the gym, cycling, and lifting. All of this takes time out of my evenings - time that I used to spend heating up frozen veggie entrees and knitting and watching TV.

I realize that I need to find some balance, but that might have to come after the cruise. :)

The other night, I made a handful of these delicious Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quesadillas. The recipe was a little bland, but a tiny bit of hot salsa really spiced these up. I highly recommend trying them.

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