19 February 2009

February Doldrums

For some reason, this winter has been harder for me than most. It could be that without Jiff's shining face in my NC world, that it has just that much less joy. Or it could be that rather than sitting on the couch knitting every night, I'm often out and about and doing things...being out and about means I'm well aware of the temperatures and the grayness of the clouds. We've had enough nice days of late to make me have hope that we're processing right through onto spring. Screw Punxsutawney Phil.

What does any good planner do when confronted with February Doldrums? She starts thinking about summer beach trips with the most intelligent, amazing, entertaining friends ever.

Last year's beach trip debauchery was outstanding. Aside from copious amounts of Mariah Carey, there was an amazing selection of food. What I wouldn't give for one of Kati's concoctions or Jiff's baked tofu, my own English toffee bread pudding or coloring in each other's tattoos...or even a game of beer pong!

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