02 February 2009

Off the Deep End

Seems like everyone's going off the deep end this weekend.

1. My mom is going whole hog off the deep end - technologically speaking. In addition to now having high speed wireless internet, she also has her own iPod shuffle. How great is that? She gets to jam to some awesome tunes while going about her daily life.

2. Jiff was in CA this week. Already, she's one of the most kind and most generous people that I've ever met. I think I owe her about 1000 hugs and $1,000,000. But, she did not come back from CA empty handed. She managed to bring me Peet's coffee! Mmmm...delish. And Misha made us some delicious cappuccinos. She's clearly off the "I'm too generous" deep end!

3. This weekend was ridiculously fun. I got to spend a relaxing and exhausting weekend with two of my favorite girls, Jiff and Misha. Between the coffee, the beer, the camera and the dancing. It was exhausting. I loved getting to "catch up" with people on the dance floor. :) Of course, the night would not have been complete without the vegetarian pot stickers that we had at the end of the night. Mmmmm.

4. Go Steelers.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

can you not get Peet's back east? i'm happy to send you some if you ever need a fix ;)