25 February 2009

Snack Thief

I get hangry when not fed at regular intervals.

When I'm hangry, this affects (obviously) my mood, which in turn affects everyone else's mood. They say that misery loves company, and it's definitely true. If I'm not happy, no one is.

So, to prevent things from spiraling out of control, I pack breakfast, lunch and snacks for me to eat during the course of my day. Earlier this week, a coworker who works in South Carolina sent us some delicious salty peanuts. There were two full bags and I assumed that would be a perfect snack for this afternoon. Much to my dismay, those two full bags were completely gone as of this afternoon, which left me in search of a savory treat.

I was saddened, but also a bit miffed. One of my coworkers said they thought they saw one of the students enjoying our peanuts. I mean, come on! We give the students free food and drinks all the time - in fact, we're having an event for them tonight. Why would they want to anger the hangry beast?

Now, no one is safe. Anyone who smells like peanuts is at risk. I will find the culprit.

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