15 February 2009


As a life long fan of all marching bands (which are not created equal) and drum and bugle corps...I was thrilled to go to see Stomp last night in Raleigh. I go into downtown Raleigh rarely - the last time was last May to see Avenue Q. Stomp really got me back to my old marching band roots, and I was sad that my mom wasn't there to see it with me, since she likes the marching band/drum line stuff as much as I do. I really spent the entire show in awe that someone had come up with such a non-traditional innovative way to be percussive. I really would never have thought of it. There were boxes of matches, zippos, kitchen sinks with water in them, and anything else you can imagine. I left the theater distinctly aware of each noise I made from that everything I did. So much fun!

I might just go scrub my tub for the percussive pleasure of it.

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