20 February 2009

Texas Bite Me

I am joining a friend for a poker game tonight. I've never played poker. I'm the only person in my office who didn't know the hand rankings for poker. In fact, I'm the only person (out of nearly 20) who has never played before. So, it is with trepidation that I look toward the evening. If I had known that poker really is something that EVERYONE knows how to play, I probably would have learned before tonight...where I plan to spend some energy trying to impress someone. Awesome.

My boss is predicting that by Monday, I'll be quite a card shark. I doubt it. I don't have a head for cards, but it's a nice thought. And I've never been anything less than obsessive about my hobbies, so who knows.

A couple Ninny-isms:

- Repeated referring to Two of a Kind as Doubles
- Repeated referring to Three of a Kind as Triples
- The suit is clubs not CLOVERS.
- Having all the same color cards doesn't help you out at all.
- The word suit is not synonymous with color.
- Poker and Go Fish are not the same game.

Clearly, I'm starting out without much luck on my side. That's ok, I've had far more luck in the past 7 days that seems fair.

Wish me luck. I've only just managed to figure out the names of the suits and the hand rankings. Perhaps by this evening, I'll be on to the betting structure and something about Flops and Rivers.

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