17 February 2009

Things are what you make of them

I was spending my days with my demons, yeah
They had taken up inside of my heart
They were trying to keep me entertained
They were tearing me apart

Well my memory, she was packing, yeah
And I knew that she would never come back
She handed me a letter and
Then she vanished in the black
And the letter said:

Things are what you make of them
Things are what you make of them, baby
And you know what I mean
Yeah, you know what I mean

This has been a weird, weird couple of days. Aside from having gotten in a car accident and finding my long-lost bluetooth, I have generally been tired and disoriented. Personally, I have a hard time embracing Valentine's Day as a valid and real holiday. I think it's merely a way for people to waste money on each other. If you can't show someone that you love them everyday, you have no business shelling out money for red heart-shaped boxes of mediocre chocolate.

That being said, things like seized opportunities, free beverages on Valentine's Day, finding $10 bills and spontaneity leading to things like great live shows and good movies...it sort of restores my opinion of Valentine's Day. I think it's true, though, that life is what you make of it. Ergo, Valentine's Day is what you make of it.

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herding tapeworms said...

everyday should be valentines day, minus the chintzy stuffed animals. can you come up here and find a $10 bill under my pillow?