22 March 2009

busted weekend

Thus far, the weekend has not been what I thought it would be. Ages ago, I started planning a backpacking trip for my dad and I. It was going to be an awesome hike and we were both very excited.

Then my knee started bothering me. And he and his wife had to put their dog down. The look of the weekend changed. No more backpacking, just visiting. I thought I'd go to visit with the pops with the pops, enjoy some time with the family and then even those plans started to have cracks in the foundations. After a long trip up to Baltimore for the New Kids on the Block (it was awesome) and a few work meetings, I had a hellish trip back down to Durham. Driving exacerbates the pain in my knee, and traffic exacerbates my road rage. I needed to get my oil changed and my brake pads replaced (there have been other things wrong in the car, but I've just blissfully ignored them for quite some time).

I had scheduled an appointment and I got to the dealership at 9am. After 2 hours, they were done with the oil and brake pads, but came out to let me know that the things they'd previously warned me of (and shown me) had indeed gotten worse. It was time to spring to action. I agreed to have them just do the work that needed to get done. Ugh. Hemorrhaging money. The car, she runs like a charm. My pocket, it is empty.

I was thankful that the kind folks at Crown Honda were able to give me a ride back to my apartment. (Not once, but twice...as the first time, I left my ENTIRE set of keys with my car.) Had I been stuck at the dealership ALL day...until after 4pm, I might have cried. Instead, I got some good time at home to read, knit, watch a movie, admire my peace lily and do some work work.

The weekend is not for naught yet though. There was also a stellar nap, Thai food and He's Just Not That In To You. I can't complain too much. :)

Who knows what tomorrow will bring though... Here we are just in the beginning throes of spring, and I am aching, still, for more sunshine and warmer temperatures. Sunday is supposed to get up to 68° - now, I know that sounds nearly warm, but it's not quite. Today, the high was around 56° and it just felt chilly. The sun was beautiful; the breeze was refreshing; and a jacket was necessary. I'll take 68°, but I really want 78°.

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